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Our Services

Custom designs

Hullaballo Tattoo offers custom designs for individuals who want a unique and personalized tattoo. This service involves working closely with the client to create a one-of-a-kind design that meets their specific preferences and requirements. The tattoo artist will discuss the client's ideas and provide suggestions and guidance to create a design that fits their vision.

Cover ups

Coverups are another service provided by Hullaballo Tattoo, which is ideal for clients who wish to conceal an existing tattoo. The artist will create a new design that covers the previous tattoo completely or modifies it to create a new and improved look. Coverups can be challenging and require the expertise of an experienced tattoo artist to ensure that the new design is successful.

Reworks and Retouches

Reworks and retouches are also services offered by Hullaballo Tattoo, which are perfect for clients who have an existing tattoo that needs some adjustments or enhancements. The artist will work to modify the existing tattoo, either by adding or removing elements, to create an updated and refreshed look. Retouches involve enhancing the colors or lines of a tattoo that has faded over time, so it looks like new again.

Free Consultations

Finally, Hullaballo Tattoo offers free consultations, which allows clients to discuss their tattoo ideas with the artist and receive expert advice on the best design for their needs. During the consultation, the artist will discuss the client's preferences, design ideas, placement, and any concerns they may have. They will also provide information on the tattoo process, aftercare, and answer any questions the client may have.